Outreach in Cardboard Town

Being the hands and feet of Christ, the youth at SLCH take one Sunday each month to evangelize and share the gospel in our surrounding communities. This month, we visited and ministered to the families in Cardboard Town. This area is inhabited by many of the poorest and most needy people in Mexico. The name “Cardboard Town” came from the resourcefulness of those living there and the ability to use various scrap materials to build their homes.

As you can imagine, we receive many generous clothing donations at SLCH. Periodically, we will take what we have been so graciously blessed with and share it with others who desperately need clothing. On Sunday, we had the opportunity to love the people in Cardboard Town by not only meeting their spiritual needs, but also their physical needs of food and clothing. We loaded our vehicles with food parcels, clothing, and gospel tracks, and started down the bumpy roads to reach their village. As soon as we parked, the children came running from all directions to greet our group. We began distributing the food, clothing, and tracks right away.

The most amazing part was watching each recipient being so willing to share and showing more concern for the needs of others rather than themselves. For example, one person wanted to make sure her friend had what she needed for her baby. Another example was when a boy prioritized getting clothes for his mom and sister before considering his own needs. Most everyone was putting others first, and it was a blessing to see such kindness. The people in Cardboard Town do not have a lot of money or wealth when compared to the world’s standard, but they are rich in character, kindness, and love for others. This opportunity to serve in Cardboard Town was such a blessing to the SLCH youth as they demonstrated love for others in the same way that Christ loves and provides for them.