The Una Luz Encendida School contains two parts, one being the Spanish school and the other the English School. DIF, the government branch responsible for the children, requires the children to be in a registered school to receive their certificates. We operate under CONAFE, a school system to help communities without access to public schools, our teachers receive training from CONAFE and use this for the classroom. Children receive a Kindergarten, 6th grade certificate, and 9th grade certificate. For students wishing to finish high school, online options are available as well as studying at home and testing in schools in town. The Spanish school also incorporates Rod & Staff Spanish material into their daily work for added learning. Spanish school has 3 teachers.

The English school operates as a church school for the local church community as well as children of staff or house parents. Several students have transferred from Spanish school to receive teaching in English to broaden their skills and knowledge. English school has 2 teachers.