Experience of a Lifetime

By Susana Ferh

Before coming to work at Shining Light, I dreamed of working in an orphanage or children’s home. I desired to show love to children and imagined what it would be like, but I didn’t have any experience with homeless children or teenagers.  I had previously worked with first graders, in addition to being an aunt to many nephews and nieces, but these children came from loving homes with good parents. There is a huge difference when working with children who came from loving homes and families versus those who have not had loving families. I began taking classes to help me better understand these children who have experienced deep pain and broken hearts.

My first visit to the children’s home was when I was hired as a general assistant. I worked there for 4 months; from February 28, 2023, until July 4, 2023.  My primary responsibility was to float from one room to the next to take care of the caregiver’s kids when the caregiver went on their 24-hour break to rest and recover. To help prevent burnout, I also received 24 hours off each week. When I was not caring for children, I helped the house mom with gardening, cleaning, and kitchen tasks.

Monday morning staff meetings were a blessing to me, and I really enjoyed hearing the messages, singing, and playing volleyball. I have grown fond of the children and employees. Caregivers come from different backgrounds, with many different ideas, but it was good to see everyone working together as a team since we all serve the same God! I am thankful for good houseparents and for the prayers of those in my church. Although this job can be very hard, it is worth the difficult times. This experience was one of the biggest blessings of my life. The Bible reminds us in Isaiah 40:31 that the Lord renews our strength.  Without God’s help, I would not have been able to keep up with my job. When my time at the children’s home ended, I had the hardest time saying goodbye and leaving the sweet children. I am so thankful for this blessed experience and will keep the memories with me for my entire life.
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susana ferh article