Zoo Trip and Fellowship

Bright and early on Saturday morning, May 25, an excited group of children loaded up in multiple vehicles to visit the zoo in Valle de Guadalupe. The zoo is home to many different animals including lions, tigers, hippopotamuses, monkeys, and many other interesting creatures. In addition to the animals, the zoo also has a large playground and a lush, grassy yard with plenty of room for soccer and volleyball games.  Everyone enjoyed their time exploring the zoo and watching the animals in their habitats. By noon, most children had wandered over to the picnic area, lured by their appetites and the delicious smell of hamburgers grilling. As soon as lunch was over, the younger children raced back to the playground for the next few hours while the other children competed in several games of soccer and volleyball. Most of us were heading back to the Home by 4:00pm after our eventful day. We thank God for making it possible for our group to enjoy this outing and for His protection while traveling to and from the zoo.

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