The Greatest Story Told

The Christmas story is a special story. In fact, it is the greatest story we can ever tell! As adults, we can imagine how everything may have played out on that very special night. However, younger children do not have the ability to imagine the way we can.

Carl, the co-pastor at the local church here in the community,  coordinated a beautiful candlelight Christmas service with songs beautifully sung by a choir of school children and youth. Older adults helped act out the Christmas story. The scene was made complete with Mary and Joseph and the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes in the manger.Shepherds came out and an angel appeared with the great news of the birth of the savior followed by a song from a group of angels. King Herod made his appearance in the play and shortly after, the wise men who followed a star arrived to ask about the baby boy they were searching for. They gave gifts to baby Jesus when they found him in the stable. The choir sang beautiful Christmas songs to close out the service. Afterward, everyone enjoyed snacks and hot chocolate as well as good conversations and games.

We wish everyone a blessed Christmas and thank you for your support of Shining Light Children's Home! Let's continue to tell the greatest story ever told!