House Parent Blessings

Dedicated to current, past, and future house parents

Since the beginning of SLCH, we have heavily depended on our houseparents to create a safe and secure environment for the abandoned children we serve, as well as the rest of the staff who so unselfishly give of themselves year after year. It's been my observation that new houseparents understand the importance of making a safe place for the children. In fact, that is what pulls at the heartstrings of many new houseparents to consider such an insane job in the first place.

Making a safe place and serving the remainder of the staff tends to catch most houseparents off guard as the reality sets in the first few weeks on the job. Although they have the head knowledge and have discussed this in the onboarding process, it is not until working in the trenches for a few weeks that this reality sets in. Before I scare any new houseparents off, let me explain.


Most of our experienced houseparents would probably agree that as they think over their experience, the relationships they fostered with the staff workers as houseparents ended up being a very meaningful part of the job. Let’s face it; we all go through facing reality vs. our fantasy of what we thought any job would be like. Our tendency is to only see the glamour of a role until we experience the role. This reality is a good thing, however, as glamour does not ultimately bring fulfillment even though it may bring recognition. Recognition and fulfillment are not the same things. While all of us love getting the recognition that is not what ultimately satisfies us.

True fulfillment comes only from allowing ourselves to be spent for a greater cause than ourselves. The houseparent role provides ample opportunity for this. The very thing that makes this role the hardest also tends to be what makes it the most fulfilling.

The work of the houseparent with the staff multiplies the rewards as healthy staff pass on the blessing to the children and together help make a safe place for everyone. Understanding how to make a safe place for a person without making a safe place for their baggage seems more difficult than it sounds. Most people, myself included, have a hard time seeing their problems apart from themselves. Thus, when you attack my issues, I feel personally attacked. As houseparents, you quickly find yourself navigating these realities.

A huge shout out to our current, past, and future houseparents as you serve the Kingdom in this capacity. Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto me”. As houseparents, you help make this a reality. I really believe there is a special place in Jesus' heart for those that take care of the little ones.


We are at that time again with the current houseparents' time of service coming to an end and processing through finding the next houseparents who will take the mantle and run their section of the race. To all you houseparents who have or will serve at SLCH or any other children's home, may God bless you richly. Thank you for selflessly serving the Kingdom in this way.

Please keep us in your prayers as we process through finding new houseparents.

Leland Ulrich
Board Chairman