A Caregiver’s Loss

Below is a poem by one of our former caregivers, expressing the loss that comes with leaving.

We would like to give recognition to all the former caregivers who have felt God lead them on a different path. The pain of leaving behind vulnerable children affects both the caregiver and the child. We thank each one of the staff and former staff for being willing to give of their time as well as giving away their hearts to the children.

Please continue to remember all caregivers--past, present, and future--in your prayers.

A Caregiver's Loss

I cannot plan your day anymore
I cannot kiss your hurts
I cannot comb your hair today
Or put away your shirts.

I cannot hold you close at night
Or zip your dresses up,
Nor when its time to go to bed
Send you to the tub.

I cannot know when you are sad
and laugh to cover up,
I cannot turn your music on
Or fill your water cup.

I cannot tell you, "Yes, you may."
Or say, "You'd better not."
I can't decide who sweeps the room
Or scrubs the dirty pots.

I cannot help you when you're sad
Or listen to your heart
You can't come to my room at night
Cuz we're too far apart.

I cannot be a mom anymore
Or live my days for you,
I cannot check in on your needs,
To choose what I should do.

I cannot sacrifice my all
And know I've helped you live.
Though every inch within me knows
My all for you I'd give.

I cannot be there when you're sick
I cannot hold your hand,
Or check your fever, Give you pills,
And by your bedside stand.

I cannot wake you up each morn,
And tell you day has come.
I cannot tell you it's not true
When others say you're dumb.

There are many things I cannot do
That I could yesterday.
There are many things I've lost for which
I'd give my life away.

But I have learned so many things
In the days I spent with you.
I'll never be the same again
The rest of my life through.

- Anonymous