Back to School

September 6, 2022 welcomed the students of the Spanish and English schools back to the classroom ready to learn and interact in an academic setting once more. This year Roland Rojas is teaching 1st-5th grade and Kiara Beltran is teaching 6th-9th grades in the Spanish school. Eager students energetically entered the classroom excited to continue their academic education. Teachers returned with renewed energy and hopes that this year will go well. Please pray for extra wisdom, strength, and endurance for the teachers. Teaching children who have faced trauma provides different battles and more challenges.

For the local church families who want their children to study English, a small English school also started. Sonya Wingard teaches 1st-3rd grade with a heart full of love and energy for eager learners. Sawyer, along with the help of his wife Sondra, teaches grades 4th-10th. We are grateful for each of the teachers who chose to pour their time and hearts into the education of our young children and youth to prepare them for the future.

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